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About the Founders

Jahnesta and Kelly Griffith are the
owners and founders of Poised and Kind LLC. The jersey native sisters love for
candles originated when they were children, they would spend many hours
listening to music whilst their favorite fragrances burned. They always had the
desire to go into business together. Kelly came up with the idea to have their
own candle company that would include their love for music and fragrance. Many
years that love for candles and music still ignited their soul in which they
decided to Launch PK in 2022. Their main goal with launching Poised and Kind
was to always be intentional, contentious and pay tribute to their family and
inner child. Hence why every scent is made with clean and sustainable
ingredients. Every scent pays homage to the ones they love. And lastly every
scent collection has a curated playlist to enhance the experience. Jahnesta and
Kelly hope every person who lights their candles can feel the love and passion
that was used to make them.

Where To Find Us